For many people, the thought of teaching yoga is terrifying. But for others, the idea of becoming a yoga instructor is exciting

Becoming a yoga instructor is a rewarding way to share your knowledge of the practice with others and make a living doing something you love, especially that you are also helping people with their mental health.

Being a Yoga Instructor

To become a yoga instructor, you need to be comfortable asking people to take you seriously and understand how to communicate with others. While you won’t become a great instructor overnight, there are specific actions you can take to get you on the right track

Be a Yoga Student First

Before you can become a yoga instructor, you’ll need to first become a yoga student. This means seeking out teachers to learn from and practicing asanas and pranayamas that address your body’s barriers to health and well-being.

Organize your Classes

After you’ve mastered the basics of the practice, consider how you’d like to organize your classes and your approach to teaching. Be constantly self-critical and always ask yourself if you’re offering your students what they need.