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Yoga Poses That Will Make Your Stomach Flat

How to start doing yoga? It’s time to start working on your body that will help you lose weight, belly fat, and will become your new favorite workout! https://www.piedmontyoga.com

Yoga Poses That Will Change Your Body

Try these yoga poses that helps with the alignment and posture of your body. https://www.piedmontyoga.com

Spiritual Justice Series

Yoga has become a popular form of exercise and stress relief. It has also become a powerful tool for personal growth. Using Yoga to Strengthen Spiritual Health The practice ofContinue readingSpiritual Justice Series

Piedmont Yoga Teacher Training Overview

Yoga styles are often determined by the origins of the practice, the teacher, or the branch of the practice. For example, Bikram Choudhury is one of the most well-known yogaContinue readingPiedmont Yoga Teacher Training Overview

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Steroid: Build Muscle For Better Health

Broader shoulders and thicker arms for men, a round buttocks and toned legs for women, building new muscles improves your body shape and makes you more attractive. But it is also good for your health if you have more muscles. However, if only because they ensure a higher basal metabolic rate and are therefore an effective means of combating obesity.

Muscle hypertrophy: What happens when you build muscle?


Muscle building also called “muscle hypertrophy” is an adaptive reaction of the body. When a muscle becomes fatigued from very heavy work, such as strength training, it becomes damaged and then repaired. It is then strengthened a little, i.e. it grows. This is why some people use steroid sources available on canadapeds.com.

It is important that the stimulus to which the muscle is exposed is “above the threshold “. Because only when muscle activity exceeds a certain level can the muscle no longer do its work without tiring quickly and being damaged. It is only through this damage that the subsequent “supercompensation “gets going, i.e. the repair and strengthening of the tissue. In order to permanently stimulate a muscle to grow, you have to continuously use it to an extent for which it is not equipped.

Real build: sarcomeric hypertrophy

Heavyweight training and similar loads exert strong mechanical tensile forces on a muscle, resulting in small damage to the sarcomeres. Sarcomeres are the individual contractile protein structures within muscle fibres. Throughout post-workout recovery, the body replaces these injured protein structures. It adds some new sarcomeres alongside the old ones that solidify the muscle fibre.

More pump: Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy

With this type of muscle building, no new protein structures are formed. It merely increases the amount of semi-liquid plasma within the muscle fibre. It is primarily glycogen and the water bound to it that ensures an increase in muscle thickness. This type of muscle growth does not ensure increased maximum strength, but it does increase endurance. However, this hypertrophy is not necessarily permanent, as the cells can rid themselves of the glucose and water within a few days.

The Joker: activation of satellite cells

Humans cannot form new muscle fibres/cells. However, it is possible to activate and fully develop underdeveloped muscle cells through training. Because these muscle stem cells are located at the edge of the muscle, they are called “satellite cells.” When more muscle cells are active in the muscle, it naturally becomes thicker.