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When practicing yoga, you may have noticed that some poses look the same and you wonder why they are all doing the same things. This is when you say to yourself “What’s the difference between Japanese yoga and Chinese yoga?”

Distinction between Japanese and Chinese Yoga

These two yoga cultures have a lot in common so it’s not difficult to understand why they’ve been influenced by each other so much.

While the roots of both of these traditions can be traced back to India, there are subtle differences between the two. However, although they are different, you can still have so many health benefits whatever type of yoga you do.

The Type of Breathing

One of the primary differences between Japanese and Chinese yoga is the type of breathing practiced by each of these traditions.

In Japanese yoga, the western-style breathing is adopted, while in Chinese yoga, the traditional Chinese breathing method is adopted.

The Sequence

Another way to tell the difference between Japanese and Chinese yoga is by observing the sequence in which these yoga traditions are practiced.

Japanese yoga is usually practiced in an inverted or supine position, while Chinese yoga is usually practiced while sitting in a lotus position.