As with any other fitness routine, prenatal yoga can help you stay fit and healthy while you’re pregnant. It can also help you prepare for your new role as a parent. 

Doing Prenatal Yoga

Doing yoga while pregnant can help you prepare your body for birth. It also helps you stay calm, centered, and balanced. 

How to Practice Prenatal Yoga?

Most yoga practices can be modified for pregnant women. You can use props and modifications to make specific poses more comfortable. 

  • Use a bolster instead of a floor mat. 
  • Support your head with additional pillow

Avoid doing certain types of yoga. Certain postures are more risky for your health while you’re pregnant.

It’s also a good idea to listen to your body. Some women feel more comfortable doing certain yoga poses than others. If a pose makes you uncomfortable, don’t force yourself to do it. The safest pose for you is the pose you’re most comfortable with.