How To Strengthen Your Face With Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga


We have written before about skin aging and what you can do about it. We often focus on how you can prevent further aging by protecting and caring for your skin, on top of making sure your eyebrows look at their best, and try methods like microblading. Now we want to focus on how you can firm the skin of your face inside and out.

And remember: you can start this at a young age. You don’t have to wait until you see the first wrinkles.

1. Care products that strengthen your face

Facial care products must match your skin type, age, and skin wishes. Always have a skin analysis done before you buy new facial products. Most cosmetic brands have different lines that match age categories. Take a good look at that. The products are tailored to your age and can offer your skin exactly the support it needs.

Do you want to strengthen your facial skin? Then look for products that promote the production of collagen, strengthen the facial contours and protect your skin from harmful external influences. Do you want advice on which products suit you best? Then visit our beauty salon. We have a wide range of care products from the brand Cenzaa.

The power of a serum

In addition to your day and night cream, it is good to use a serum. A serum gives your skin an extra boost with powerful, active ingredients that penetrate quickly and deeply into your skin. An example of a powerful serum is the Cenzaa skin boost ampoule for intensive strengthening.

This serum comes in a mini-course that is seen as a replacement for Botox injections. It prevents skin aging and restores the skin barrier and moisture balance.

2. Facial massage to strengthen your face

With just lubrication, you are not there yet. More needs to be done if you really want to firm the skin of your face for a long time. Tense facial muscles reduce blood flow to the skin, causing the skin to slacken and wrinkles to appear. Regularly massaging your face (or having it massaged) helps to promote blood flow and the supply and removal of nutrients and waste products.

A facial massage is part of our facial treatments. You can also regularly give your face a massage yourself. Read our tips for a DIY facial massage.


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3. Toast your skin with facial yoga

Facial yoga is seen as the alternative to botox and a facelift. You can see how facial exercises help you strengthen your face in the video below.

Facial yoga works through your lower skin layer, your middle skin layer, and your epidermis layer. It promotes blood flow and provides more supply of oxygen to your skin cells. In addition to this deep effect, it also ensures that your muscles relax. Not only your facial muscles but also those in your neck and shoulders. Set aside a few minutes daily for facial yoga and you’ll see your face firm.

4. Vitamins to strengthen your face

Vegetables, fruit, and water are the foods for a healthy body and therefore for healthy skin. Do you want to offer your skin just that little bit extra to stay radiant and firm? Then make sure you get the vitamins below daily

Vitamin B3

This vitamin regulates the formation of collagen and the hydration of the skin. It further acts as a natural sunscreen and protects the skin from harmful external influences. You can find vitamin B3 in dried fruits, dates, peanuts, mackerel, oyster mushrooms, and legumes.

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

This is a true anti-aging vitamin. It stimulates cell growth and the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. You can find vitamin B9 in spinach, wheat germ, cabbage, beans, and lamb’s lettuce.


Carnitine stimulates the body’s own production of collagen and thus contributes to tight skin. With the help of carnitine, the skin cells can store more water. This ensures a fresh, healthy appearance and reduction of small wrinkles. You can find carnitine in meat, shrimp, and pork liver


Arginine improves blood flow to the skin. This ensures cell renewal and a good supply of nutrients to the cells. Arginine strengthens the connective tissue and supports the formation of muscle cells and collagen. You can find Arginine in soybeans, walnuts, peanuts, oatmeal, chicken, and tuna.

Do you want to know more about how nutrition affects your beauty? Then read our blog ‘Eat your young with these 7 power foods’.

5. Firming facial treatment beautician

Do you really want to pamper your face and get tips for the right skin care products, nutrition, and lifestyle to strengthen your face? Then book a facial treatment in our beauty salon.