Lose Weight With Yoga And Dietary Supplement

Yoga is a gentle way to lose weight. All you have to do is determine your own yoga type and you’re good to go.

Lose weight with yoga and dietary supplements without counting calories

Yoga relaxes, heals, calms, and tightens the body. It is very popular with stressed people. But only very few know. With the thousands of years old Indian teachings you can get rid of more than inner restlessness and tension namely a lot of excess pounds. Because yoga does not only consist of asana. The philosophy also includes a complete body and nutrition concept.

The special advantage is that counting calories is a thing of the past. If you know which foods are good for your body type, you can keep your metabolism and fat burning at the ideal speed and thus promote the elimination of waste products.

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Basic rules when losing weight with yoga

  • Avoid cold foods like salads, raw vegetables, or muesli especially when you’re restless or stressed.
  • Take the time to cook something warm as often as possible.
  • Plan your main meals at noon. If you want dessert, eat it for lunch.
  • Eat light meals in the evening.
  • Avoid black tea, coffee, cola and lemonade. They promote inner restlessness

Yoga to lose weight: You should pay attention to this

Calm types need yoga exercises that excite and strengthen condition, mobility and muscles. The right diet should boost metabolism and increase energy levels.

Strongly spiced Indian lentil dishes or types of grain such as millet, couscous, rice or potatoes with spices such as chili, wasabi, pepper or nutmeg are ideal.

Also varieties of cabbage, herbs such as cress and basil as well as rocket and dandelion also boost your metabolism.

Yoga experts recommend that people with low energy levels eat steamed or raw vegetables with every meal. Right in the morning before breakfast, a glass of hot lemon water sweetened with 1 tablespoon of honey gets the circulation going.