Thai Yoga Massage For Lasting Relaxation

Traditionally, yogis draw their inspiration from the life and work of great yoga masters. The Thai Yoga Massage also has a tradition going back 2500 years and is still popular for holistic healing. No wonder, different countries offer this to their visitors who are on business trips. If you are traveling to Korea, you might as well know the business trip massage price (출장마사지 가격). During business meeting breaks, you can take advantage of yoga massage for your health and wellness.

The positive effects of yoga massage on the body and mind

  • Activation of the circulatory system
  • Muscle mobilization and increased flexibility
  • Effect as a booster for the immune system
  • Release of muscular tension and hardening
  • Regulation of energy metabolism
  • Dissolving energy blockages
  • Increased energy line balance
  • Relief of stress and stress symptoms
  • Relief of pain and other physical ailments
  • Detoxification of the internal organs
  • General improvement of the energy balance
  • Providing more energy

Thai massage can achieve this because it specifically addresses some important energy lines in the body. While 72,000 energy lines are known according to Ayurvedic teaching, Thai yoga massage addresses ten of them. Energetic nodes, also called acupressure points, lie on the energy lines. You are probably familiar with the Japanese healing method of acupuncture massage. Applying gentle pressure to the respective points is intended to activate the self-healing powers.

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How exactly does the Thai Yoga Massage work?

The body can receive additional energy via the points on the energy lines. By means of yogic breathing exercises, life energy is also supplied in a targeted manner. If the body receives energy independently through breathing, this is supplied to it in Thai massage by activating the pressure points. Sometimes there is an interaction here since breathing is intensified by massaging the points mentioned. The effects are therefore similar to those of balanced and deep yoga breathing. This includes increased energy supply, sustained relaxation, and simplified or faster regeneration.

Holistic effects of Thai yoga massage on the body and mind

As a result of regular Thai yoga massages, the positive effects of the yoga postures used can of course also be noticed. Just as yoga sees the whole person holistically, i.e. his body and his mind, and puts it in the center, it is also the case with Thai massage.

The targeted movement of the body mobilizes muscles and joints and relaxes them at the same time. Overall, improved mobility and a more conscious posture can be observed. A holistic stimulation of the metabolism through movement and the pressure points results in an all-around more pleasant body feeling.