Head Shaving is Now More Than Just a Religious Act

In nearly all kinds of religion, a devotee may shave his or head as a rite of passage to become a monk, a nun or a bhakti, as the act denotes renunciation. Religious historians share the same belief that head shaving is an act signifying one’s commitment to turn away from all things worldly and material. Today, head shaving has more benefits and uses other than to signify devotion to a religion.

Yogic Traditions Say Shaving Renunciation Increases Brain Senses

Long time yoga practitioners preach that shaving increases the brain’s ability to be more sensitive to his or her surroundings. Although hair is regarded in yoga as a great source of energy, shaving off the hair on one’s head can help channel energy flow in all directions across the planet.

Proponents of yoga tradition say that shaving the hair off one’s head can be likened to the act of pruning a tree. Once new branches appear, more leaves will spring out to increase the level of energy produced by the tree before it was pruned.

Benefits of Going Bald by Shaving the Head

While many believe that shaving the head can improve the kind of hair growing on one’s head, dermatology experts say that this is a myth.
Head shaving cannot improve hair density if a person is suffering from thinning or falling hair. As it is, hair density depends on how closely strands of hair are packed while growing.

Other than for Religious Purposes, Why is Head Shaving Becoming Increasingly Popular?

This year, several celebrities took the world by surprise by shaving their head for one reason or another. After discussing the significance of head shaving as a religious practice or yogic tradition, there are actually other reasons why head shaving has been trending. Below are some of the most popular reasons why:

Hair Loss

Some people have alopecia or are dealing with hair loss resulting in baldness, receding hairlines, thinning hair or patches of bald spots. The recent past years have been stressful for most people and stress is the most common reason for premature hair loss. Shaving off hair to sport a completely bald head or a buzzcut is deemed better than having patches of thinning hair.

Choosing Practicality Over Everything Else

Others however, prefer the freedom of having one less matter to worry about. This is especially true for people who don’t have the means or the time to attend to hair care or maintenance.

Some simply got tired of all the time-consuming process of shampooing, conditioning, combing, blow drying and styling one’s hair. Those who decided to shave off their head would rather spend the saved time, eating a healthy meal and exercising before leaving for work.

Since shaving is one that a person can do on one’s own, people who need to save money can do so by investing in the right head shaving equipment. What we recommend is to check out product information and reviews. While shaving can be a do-it-yourself kind of task, don’t make it obvious. Use the right shaving equipment as there are now modern electric shavers, clippers and trimmers designed and developed especially for head shaving.